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Usually I stay well clear of Poundland Make-up and beauty products but whilst browsing the store with my family I spotted a few Rimmel products and couldn’t continue to walk past as I have done before. After my first thought being “What’s wrong with it?” and looking through the few Rimmel items on display I picked up 4 different Rimmel products – a concealer, eyeshadow, lipstick, and nail varnish. 

The first Rimmel product I picked up was a Moisture Renew Lipstick which usually retail for £6.29 in boots and superdrug. Within the last few weeks I’ve visited 2 different poundland stores and in both, the only lipstick shade available was Mocha Cream which is a brown (at this point I found out why this lipstick was in poundland). I personally HATE brown lipsticks. Why would I want to be walking around looking like I’ve very messily eaten a bar of chocolate and forgotten to wipe my mouth? No thanks. I do agree some brown shades are bareable and very subtle but after giving this shade a chance and ‘trying something new’ my opinion still hasn’t changed. But with this in mind I still picked it up anyway just to try the product itself rather than the colour that I detest and will give to my Mum who, for some reason, likes a brown lipstick (I think it reminds her of “the good old days”). The lipstick itself was very pigmented which definitely made the colour bolder. Rimmel sell many other shades of this lipstick, mostly pinks and reds, which are definitely easier colours to wear (I’ll be picking some of these shades up). Application was brilliant and very easy,  and being someone who frequently has dry lips this was such a nice lipstick to overall apply. I found it very moisturising on application and after I took it off. Even though it was Mocha Cream I am pleased I picked it up to give it a try because I love the formula and for a saving of £5.29 you can’t go wrong! 
Another Rimmel product which I only found in one of the Poundland stores was a Cream Eyeshadow. Again they only had one shade but luckily I liked it and is a colour I would wear. It is a gold shimmery shade and works well as an inner corner or brow bone highlighter. If you don’t have much time some mornings I think it also works well just as a quick all over colour. 
I prefer liquid concealers and normally only use them, but when I saw the Rimmel Stay Matte Concealer in Poundland I picked it up.Again they only had one shade available but luckily the colour was fine on my skin and worked well with my foundation. The concealer stick itself has a very smooth application but is not amazing at covering dark circles under eyes. It is however, very good at covering blemishes and blending over top of them. The green core is made to treat blemishes but I’m yet to find out if it does its job. It doesn’t beat my Collection 2000 liquid concealer though, but for a £1 it’s pretty good!
After seeing many blog posts about the NEW Radox Shower Gels I had to pick one up in Poundland when I noticed a few on the bottom shelf. The cherry one smelt lovely too and now when I think about it, I’m not sure why I didn’t pick it up too but I only picked up the coconut one. The shower Gel smells very strongly of coconut which smells AMAZING! It’s very tropical and fruity and smells as if it’s a good wake me up, refreshing shower gel to use. Can you tell I love coconut? 
Next I picked up a pack of pastel coloured false nails. With three shades of pretty pastels and it being Spring and all I couldn’t not pick them up. The shades were just too cute to leave behind and I know these will get used very quickly this season and will compliment everyday spring outfits. 
I also purchased a Rimmel French Manicure Nail Polish in the shade Rose Praline (number 44). On the bottle it says it lasts up to 10 days of wear but It won’t take me 10 days before I get bored of my nails and change them. It’s a very pale pink shade with silver shimmer through it and looks beautiful on a natural French manicure. 
Usually I don’t bother with my nails because when I do it’s very time consuming. But, recently I’ve been putting a lot of extra effort in when it comes to my nails and for when I don’t have this time to do my nails I bought up a pack of 20 Blue and White Polka Dot Nail Wraps. I can say that I have never before bought or tried nail wraps on my own nails and have previously found it hard to find some that I like the design/pattern of, so when I saw these polka dot ones and instantly fell in love with them, I quickly picked them up. They’re really simple but the colours are so pretty and will look great during Spring and Summer. 
Sorry that this was a long’un! I hardly ever buy anything from Poundland but on the last two visits was very impressed with their stock. I’m sure the Rimmel products won’t be in Poundland for long so if you want them visit your local poundland ASAP! 

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