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I honestly read a lot more blog posts than I do write them and sometimes I get that mental block and don’t have one idea on what to write about next. Because of this I love reading blogs that people have been tagged to do as they are always a great thing to do as well. It’s even better when a blogger tags EVERYONE to try it too just like Vicky did a while ago! 

The Rules:
1. Thank the tagger and link them in the post. 
2. State that this tag was created by The Beau Bow
3. Copy and paste the rules.
4. Tag some more beauty bloggers and link them to the post.
5. Title this The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Post so bloggers know what the post is about.
6. Have fun 🙂

Name a beauty regime that you rarely do.
MOISTURISE. Before, my skin was soft and felt fine but now it’s starting to get dry so not moisturising is becoming a VERY VERY VERY bad habit.

Is washing your make-up brushes something you do regularly? 
Girls, you’re gonna hate me for this.. but no. It takes me a while to get around to cleaning my brushes. When I begin to notice that they’re not doing the greatest job any more then I’ll clean them. I’m not going to lie though, it’s one of those jobs I put off even though I shouldn’t. Naughty me!

How long will you last with chipped nail polish? 
A few days as long as I’m not going anywhere special. If I am going out and have chipped nail polish I’d prefer to go with bare nails than with chipped. For some reason, having chipped nail polish when I have French Manicure painted nails bugs me more than when I have one colour only, so if that’s chipped it probably won’t last a day.

How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty or nail polish product even if you need it (i.e. purchasing a new top coat, foundation etc)?
Things like top coats and nail products don’t bother me that much when they need replacing so I don’t have a great urge to re-purchase them ASAP. When Make-up products need replacing though I will re-purchase them as soon as I can, especially concealer or mascara!

What is your worst beauty habit?
Persuading myself some nights that I’m too tired to take my make up off! Don’t worry though. I pay for it in the morning when I  feel like a complete tramp, eww. I also hardly ever stick to a skin care routine like moisturising. I sound so lazy… But I have began to get better at this though (providing I keep it up).

Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?
(*Most of the time) Revision. I get round to it in the end but then end up leaving myself with too little time. And also tidying my room. I know that if I do it as soon as there’s a bit of mess it will never get as bad as it does (I should do, Mum tells me enough times), but somehow when it gets messy I tend to ignore this and leave it until I need to spend hours tidying. Urgh. 

When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready until the last minute or not?
I used to EVERY SINGLE TIME, but my time management’s got a lot better this year. I spend so long in the shower and as well as annoying the hell out of my family it uses up a lot of ‘getting ready time’. If I time my shower right I leave enough time to get ready and don’t end up late, although somehow I ALWAYS end up arriving late wherever I’m meant to be. Time schedules suck!

Can you commit to spending bans? 
I wouldn’t say I have spending bans. I’m very good at spending money wisely and often save up for something ‘big’ and long lasting rather than continuously spending it on ‘little things’. Compared to my brother I’m a saint when it comes to money, I even pay off his debts for him! (Best sister badge over here please?)

How organised is your make-up and nail collection?
At the moment it’s very organised, more so my make-up. Before, it was a complete mess and not being very good at tidying it took  me a while to get round to sorting it out. If you want a cheap and quick way to organize your collection I used old glossy boxes to categorize products and it worked really well! It’s so much more easier when it’s organised too and that helps me keep it as it is now.

What is the longest amount of time you have gone without writing a blog post?
I’m terrible at posting regularly. As I’m still a newbie I haven’t posted much at all, but the longest, at the moment, is just over a month. I’d love your input on posts you’d like to see me write and when I have many to write I’m “hoping” to schedule them weekly. 

 I really think this tag is a great one to do! After writing this down I can see what I need to start doing (a lot) and will try and start as soon as possible. Like Vicky, I tag everyone to do this post.

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