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For most of my teenage years, I was one of those girls who was clueless when it came to skin care. “A moisturiser is all you need” I told myself, but little did I know there was more to keeping your skin clean and healthy, especially when it comes to taking your make up off!
I used make up remover wipes ONLY, for a long time before I began using other make up removal products that were so much more beneficial; and I can definitely say my skin feels better for it. I admit… I’m lazy, even more so when it comes to removing make up in the evening. So as a girl who will use anything to save her time and effort, I constantly used my good old Simple Cleansing wipes. I’m not denying that they’re good and they definitely do the job, but it’s so much better for you skin if you use a toner as well as a cleanser. Using a cleansing wipe DOES NOT get rid of all of your make up, I should know! This means make up is still left behind, even after you think you got it all off from looking at the disgusting mix of colours smudged across the wipe you just used. 
So after reading various blog posts on reviews of make up removal products, I decided to try out a whole new routine, and I’m glad I did!
As well as using products that tend to be easier, it’s very important to use products that work well against the sensitivity and condition of your skin, as this will make the removal of make up much more pleasant. For example: a cleansing milk is much more suited to skin that is sensitive or irritated, rather than that of a face wash.
At the moment I’m using garnier products to remove my make up. This is the first time I’ve used them and bought them to try, purely because they were on offer (everyone does that right?) when I went on holiday. I use Kleenex facial cloths with all my make up remover products as they’re super good! I literally use one cloth for all three products and that’s enough! I managed to bag mine at a 99p store so I’d recommend looking in one before purchasing them from your fave drugstore. 
Firstly I use the eye make up remover because I find this is more gentle on the eyes, compared to using a cleanser on them. It’s also better at removing products like waterproof mascara and eye liner. 
I then use a cleansing milk rather than a face wash, not just because I can’t be bothered to go through the process of using a face wash, but mainly because it calms and soothes my skin, leaving it feeling fresh and fully cleansed. I find that most face washes that contain tea tree in some form tend to burn some areas of my face, so prefer to stray from these. After these steps, I use a toner to finally remove any products left on, or in my skin, like foundation or concealer. As well as removing the final bits of hidden product, a toner also evens out skin tone, reduces redness, shrinks and tightens pores, refreshes, and some also act as a moisturiser.
These garnier products are enriched with grape extract which smells really fresh and clean, and leaves your skin feeling like this too! All three products feel really light on the skin, whilst still being able to remove any make up on or in your skin. 
These products have definitely improved the condition of my skin, and I notice a difference as soon as I stop using them. I would recommend using this make up removal routine if you don’t already, whether you use garnier products or not!
What products do you use to remove your makeup? Do the quick and easy make up remover wipes work best for you? 

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