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Do What Makes You Happy #1


You’re probably as surprised as I am to see a blog post uploaded by me.
Firstly I’ve named this #1 because I may do a blog series around this (Let me know your thoughts?).
Secondly, yes I’ve used a hash tag to mark a  number, not to get likes on my instagrams, or retweets on my tweets.



In the past 2 months, I have produced no such thing that can be categorised into ‘productive’, or even anything close. That’s a lie. I put the christmas decs up sunday, and have clicked on the facebook and twitter app icon constantly – does that count?

Starting from the beginning (of October), I decided to quit college. After countless mornings, and nights of begrudgingly thinking of and travelling to and from college, to study four subjects I didn’t know I wanted to pursue, I looked at my situation; and just said no. Regardless of knowing I “apparently” have a better chance in life if I further my education, I decided to do what makes me happy. College made me far from happy.

At first, I was labelling this time period in my life “An Early Gap Year”, and was getting those family members (family members who, in the nicest possible way, like to think their opinion is valid in every situation) off of my back by telling them I’d return in a year. I got a reply of “you won’t go back, we’ve seen it happen before”. I then argued “I will, I want to.” I’ve now decided I don’t. If it made me super unhappy, like really low unhappy, then what makes me think it will be different next year? I now look at it like this – College isn’t the be all and end all!

Personally, I feel like my High School emphasised the whole expectation of going to college, and then Uni thing a bit too much. They never touched on the complete Apprenticeship path, but rather skimmed over this, only ‘helping’ us on college applications. And that’s now what I’m considering – an apprenticeship. I for one don’t want to be at home 24/7 or stuck in a job I don’t enjoy. In no way have I left my education as the past, with the idea to slack off.

I already hold a part time job, but am suppressing from finding a new full time one, or increasing my usual contracted hours.
Why? Because I want to know what I want to do, what is right for me, and what makes me happy.

I’m so so so sorry for not writing regularly or keeping up to date with the popular beauty and fashion posts. But, the L word’s above that banner too y’know (Lifestlyle, not the other one), and I suppose this is what this post will fall under. I pinky promise once I get my inspiration back, I’ll bombard you with my shoddy writing.

Thank you for staying with me. And you; do what makes you happy too!


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