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My Skincare Secret… Shh!


When I say “your skin” what comes to mind? If it’s something positive, lucky you! 
Without knowing how to work with, and get our skin to it’s best possible condition, many of us can easily pick faults in our own skin. I for one still do this from time to time, but after finding ways to look after and treat my skin better everyday I’m finally OK with that. 

No one has perfect skin, or at least I don’t know anyone whom has perfect skin. All these people you see with flawless complexions are more than likely to have had problematic periods when it comes to their skin, especially during their teens (the “WHY DO I ALWAYS WAKE UP WITH A MASSIVE ZIT ON MY CHIN THE DAY BEFORE I HAVE PLANS” stage). Right? 
Not even my Dad who tries to avoid me educating him on skincare by telling me his skin is in fact perfect, does not have perfect skin. When it comes to skin there really is no perfect. This is because everyone has different complexions/skin tones/problematic areas to the next person. 
It’s about learning and finding your own skincare solution and then turning that into your skincare secret! Here’s mine…

I’d thought that my skincare solution would be filled by an expensive, high-end product for a long time before realising this wasn’t going to be the case. For some? maybe. For me? The exact opposite. 

Green Tea is my skincare secret. 

Something so simple like Green Tea is surprisingly beneficial to your skin, as well holding many other health benefits. Aside from it containing water that you’re told you must drink everyday for your own benefit, I’ts packed full of antioxidants that will act as an anti-inflammatory, helping to calm your skin. Since drinking more and more green tea (If I listed all the flavours you can buy, I’d be here all day, so maybe another time), I’ve noticed a complete difference in my skin tone and condition. 
As a result:

  • My complexion has become more even.
  • Redness on my face has reduced.
  • My skin appears more radiant.
  • Skin breakouts have become fewer and less red.
  • I can now leave the house without feeling like I want to cover up with make up (being able to say this one makes me happy 🙂 )

I think my family and friends may well know that I enjoy a nice cup of green tea too. It’s not like I tell them how good it is for you ALL THE TIME or anything! Of course, alongside green tea I use skincare products to treat my skin that bit extra, but Green Tea is my thing – my skincare secret. 

Whats yours? 

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