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Salonnière Lipsticks

2 3A delicate floral print, a mix of black and gold, and bright shades; welcome to Salonnière lipsticks ladies.
I’m a little in love with these and have been since the day I purchased them. I’m a sucker for packaging and Salonnière have definitely won me over on this. The use of gold makes each lipstick, as well as the brand, look more expensive and gives a touch of class. The clear tops allow you to see each shade when they’re put away, making it easier for selection; and the floral print adds that extra femininity.
Each shade is intensely bright and will add a guaranteed pop of colour to any look, but unfortunately the formula makes the product cling to dry patches on your lips, creating an uneven colour (of extremely dark patches). For me at the moment, this is not ideal and I hope that with continuous use of a lip balm I’ll be able to wear these these throughout SS15, because as much as I could sit and admire them all day, it’d be more practical if I could actually use them as intended. 

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