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The Post Workout Snack


After recently getting back into working on living a lot healthier, I’ve been more experimental and motivated with making/cooking my own healthier diet.

Alongside healthy eating comes exercise, in which I believe you cannot become healthier or lose weight without performing both in conjunction with one another. Exercise will definitely make a big difference in weight loss, and energy increase IF you eat right before and after it.

Within a workout everyone loses a lot of energy so after a workout, during what we call the recovery period, this needs to be replaced and can be done right by choosing the correct post workout nutritions. There are usually three specific purposes of this: to replenish (energy stores), increase muscle quality, and repair (any damage caused by the workout).

My chosen post workout snack provides me with a lot of protein, used for growth and repair. (100g of 0% Fat natural Greek yoghurt contains 7.3g of Protein).

I use roughly 200g of this yoghurt which provides me with nearly 15g of protein, an excellent way to replace the amount lost during exercise. I then mix frozen bananas and strawberries with water in my Blend Active blender until it reaches a thick, smooth consistency. Layering this on top of the yoghurt and adding sweet freedom natural sweetener if I need it, this makes the perfect refuel food for that post workout recovery period.

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