About Me

I started blogging in 2012 when, as A Girl Behind A Lens, I was new to the community and a complete beginner at photography and design. Since then I have taken breaks from this little ol’ blog of mine. In that time I worked on myself, getting into an industry I could grow in and learn from, focusing on the positive people in my life and spending time doing what I love! 

By day I am a full time senior social media executive, who dabbles in and out of multiple design projects, content marketing and admin tasks. Outside of work (because sitting at my desk with a Pornstar Martini would just be inappropriate) I have a love for cocktails, surrounding myself with the best people I know and anything rose gold. Yes, I’m still on that hype. 

On this blog I talk about everything from beauty and style to sharing my personal goals and what I’m up to. This blog however isn’t defined by these categories and instead is a place for personal and professional growth and to allow me to share content that I enjoy creating. So, if you see something outside of the beauty, fashion and lifestyle themes… just know that we are still learning here!

I hope you enjoy my little home on the internet as much as I love working on it! If you want to get in touch with any questions or suggestions you can do so on these platforms: 

Email: chloealbuery@gmail.com

Twitter: @chlodenise

Instagram: chloe_albuery