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Bedside Beauty

There is no better feeling than jumping into bed at the end of a long day and completing a simple skin care routine. Because I’m a little lazy when it comes to looking after my skin (an awful habit to have, I know) I…


Goals for 2019

So we’re already a week into 2019 and although I promised myself not to fall into the trap of setting unrealistic resolutions this year, I have made a list of some small goals that I know are achievable (or at least think they should…

food health

The Post Workout Snack

After recently getting back into working on living a lot healthier, I’ve been more experimental and motivated with making/cooking my own healthier diet. Alongside healthy eating comes exercise, in which I believe you cannot become healthier or lose weight without performing both in conjunction…

beauty lipstick

Salonnière Lipsticks

A delicate floral print, a mix of black and gold, and bright shades; welcome to Salonnière lipsticks ladies.   I’m a little in love with these and have been since the day I purchased them. I’m a sucker for packaging and Salonnière have definitely won…

Taking Stock

Taking Stock #2

Making: exciting holiday plans. Drinking: one too many glasses of wine (it’s left over from Christmas and I just can’t help let it go to waste)! Reading: Zoella’s first novel – Girl Online Watching: video after video from Hannah Witton. How I have not watched…



As I sit here listening to a playlist named “Spotlight on 2015” I feel ready for the year ahead more than I have ever done before. Maybe it’s because I’m going into it, after just turning 18? Or maybe because I have a lot…