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imPRESS nails

My nails have always been something that I don’t know what to do with. After trying many options, I end up leaving them well alone. My trouble: Painting them is a pain, it’s never long lasting and takes up so much time.Nail extensions become expensive if…

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My Skincare Secret… Shh!

When I say “your skin” what comes to mind? If it’s something positive, lucky you! Without knowing how to work with, and get our skin to it’s best possible condition, many of us can easily pick faults in our own skin. I for one still…

Cancer Research UK Charity Fundraising Race For Life

Race For Life

Cancer is a word that sits very heavily on my heart, just as I’m sure it does many of yours.When anyone hears a mention of the big “C”, negativity surrounding the word rushes to their minds, or has done at one point. Cancer is…


The Rucksack’s Back

Slouchy PU Rucksack – Accessorise I’ve added to my love for bags with the most practical one yet! Fortunately, it ticks all the necessary boxes as well as being affordable! The Rucksack has come back into fashion this year, and it’s going to be…


Easter Beauty Box Swap with Josephine

This Easter I took part in my very first beauty blogger box swap, and through this discovered the very lovely Josephine and her great blog! This box swap was arranged through RealityLeavesLotsToImagination written by Chloe, in which all participants were matched with another blogger…

Instagram Month in Instagrams

March in Instagrams

If you hadn’t already guessed and don’t follow me on Instagram, I’ll let you know I’m very snap happy! March was also a busy month for me and so here are a few of my March moments in Instagrams! From L to R:Organising my…

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Makeup Storage

Unlike a large portion of beauty bloggers, I am not an owner of MUJI plastic makeup storage or the MALM drawers from IKEA. Instead, I use the top (and smallest) drawer in my my chest of drawers to store my makeup. The drawer is…