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December Primark Haul



The towns I regularly visit don’t have a Primark store so I have to travel around 30-40 minutes to the nearest one. This means that I don’t often visit Primark, so when I do I don’t just walk out with one or two items. On Saturday I went to Primark and to be honest I realised that the drive isn’t that bad at all; it’s just having the effort to get up a bit earlier and go, especially as they don’t have an online store. *cries* As well as their cheap prices, Primark always has something I like and I have to purchase. On this occasion I left happily with 14 items in my bag.

I picked up a ‘sweet champagne candle’ only because the glass was purple! If I see something purple when I’m shopping I will instantly pick it up due to the fact it will match my room and it being my favourite colour. So I picked it up and found it’s the sweetest smell I’ve ever smelt. It literally smells good enough to eat and I can’t wait to light it so that the aroma fills my bedroom. 
I found hoodies in the women’s section that I liked. IN THE WOMEN’S SECTION. I found them to be really light and easily found colours I wanted. Obviously they don’t meet the American Apparel quality, but at the price of £8 I don’t mind just replacing them when I need to. 

Not only did I buy a new pair of shoes, I bought two. I actually found a pair of cheap shoes, which weren’t wide fit, that were a perfect fit! I was suprised as well as impressed so picked up a black pair too as well as many other bargains….

I can’t have these until Christmas morning because Santa’s keeping them safe for me! So for now, we’ll just have to pretend no one saw anything. shhh!

  1. Green fashion sweat – £8
  2. Mini hair claws – £1
  3. White studded sleeveless shirt – £6
  4. Loop back zip thru (hoodie) – £8 each
  5. Long knitted socks – £4 
  6. Bow pumps – £5 each 
  7. Cosy socks – £2
  8. Sweet champagne candle – £2.50
  9. Cosmetic bags – £3 each
  10. Angelica baby blue nail polish – £1
  11. Sleeveless stretch vest tops – £2 
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I love the winter! Lots of people detest the winter and moan about it every year when it comes around. I should know, my family don’t stop! But I’m always there to remind them why it’s great.
Not only is it the season of which Christmas is in (YAY!) but it’s also so pretty outside at this time of year, especially when it snows. I love being able to wear chunky knit jumpers and my fluffy pink socks sitting inside in the warm with a hot chocolate in front of the TV, or twitter, obviously. For me, there’s nothing better.

There’s only one problem though, and that’s the mornings. Getting up at 6:30 am every morning Monday-Friday when it’s so dark it looks like night, does not make me the happiest girl. Since year 11 my bed has also all of a sudden become a lot more comfier and I’ve never wanted to stay in it so much.

I’ve been out recently to buy some winter clothes, as all my clothes were mainly summery. This year there are some really nice what I call ‘proper winter warmers’ (don’t ask!) in high street stores and I know I’ll have to make another trip out searching for some more before Christmas. I’ve put a few photos of some of the things I’ve bought this winter up, although I’m not too sure on the prices I paid for them; I’ll have to start noting it down. I’ve found everywhere quite reasonable this year as last year prices seemed to rise just before Christmas but this year so far so good.

Photo isn’t very clear because we were camping out in the car while my brother was at the skate park in the pouring rain. Skinny Jeans from New Look (Not sure but think they were recently in the sale for £10)
Striped Jumper from Primark (Again I’m not 100% sure but I think it only cost me £8)
I bought these from eBay second hand however they were used a minimal amount of times and  were in very good condition – £12. I myself haven’t worn these a lot either and will probably end up putting them up on Ebay too! 🙁