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The Rucksack’s Back

Slouchy PU Rucksack – Accessorise I’ve added to my love for bags with the most practical one yet! Fortunately, it ticks all the necessary boxes as well as being affordable! The Rucksack has come back into fashion this year, and it’s going to be…

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ASOS Floral Skater Dress

ASOS Skater Dress In Floral Print With Button Off Skirt In the Januray ASOS SALE I ordered this dress for only £12!! At first look, I was unsure of the print, but when it arrived I loved it! It’s a perfect Spring/Summer dress and…

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I love the winter! Lots of people detest the winter and moan about it every year when it comes around. I should know, my family don’t stop! But I’m always there to remind them why it’s great. Not only is it the season of which Christmas is in…