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Goals for 2019

So we’re already a week into 2019 and although I promised myself not to fall into the trap of setting unrealistic resolutions this year, I have made a list of some small goals that I know are achievable (or at least think they should…

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Do What Makes You Happy #1

You’re probably as surprised as I am to see a blog post uploaded by me.Firstly I’ve named this #1 because I may do a blog series around this (Let me know your thoughts?).Secondly, yes I’ve used a hash tag to mark a  number, not…

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The Results Are In

Today was GCSE results day! Today people were hoping for the grades that would get them into sixth form/college/work/an apprenticeship. Today made me think way past college, which is rare because I couldn’t even think about college at all, until a few months ago.…

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You may have already guessed that I’ve been super busy this month as I haven’t posted at all, until today! Everything that I was looking forward to this year has been in July and so I haven’t been able to find the time to…