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My nails have always been something that I don’t know what to do with. After trying many options, I end up leaving them well alone. 

My trouble: 
Painting them is a pain, it’s never long lasting and takes up so much time.
Nail extensions become expensive if you keep having infills, and nail beds can get ruined.
Do-it-at-home fake nails are the MOST IRRITATING THINGS EVER. I won’t even begin to tell you how many things I get the glue over. Too much.

Until recently, I steered clear of the whole DIY fake nails because of the mess they leave behind. Of course there are the “ready glued” nails, BUT DO THEY EVER WORK? NO.
I believed that until I tried imPRESS nails. They’ve been around for a while now and I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of them before, but it wasn’t until recently that they became my go-to manicure fix.

imPRESS nails come with adhesive already applied to the nail. This adhesive technology was 6 years in the making and has been produced to last up to one week of wear (if applied correctly). It’s not harmful to your nails, and can be easily removed, leaving your nails in the same condition prior to application. The top coat of the nails is shiny, giving that gel effect. Unlike glue they are very easy to apply, leaving you able to put them on, on the go.

Before applying imPRESS nails you need to remove any polish you’re wearing beforehand. You then take the prep pad that’s included in the pack (This will be stuck onto the paper part in the box, so don’t miss it) and cleanse your nails with it. This will maximize the duration of your manicure so don’t forget this part. Leaving this part out will dramatically change how imPRESS works for you – I learnt the hard way! After choosing the correct size nails to use for your natural nails you simply place them on and then smooth down, and to the sides, firmly. And that’s it! 

imPRESS really are as easy as that and they look great too. You can buy them in Boots for £7.99, and they’re often included in 3 for 2 offers.

These actually do last nearly a week every time I have used them, and stay in perfect condition for the duration.

Overall, I’m imPRESSed! Yeah I actually did that.
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Polishes for a Pound

From L-R: Sinful Colours Professional (943 Hot Spot), Rimmel Lasting Finish (406 cute as a kitten), Maybelline Forever Strong (240 Lilac Charm), Sally Hansen Sugar Coat (400 Sweetie).
I always make sure to pop into Poundland whenever I’m near one, and have a nose at their beauty section. They always have a few well known branded items up on their shelves, and obviously they are priced at a ridiculous discount (£1 if you hadn’t guessed haha)! This is one of the many times I have been able to pick up products in the colours and brands I like, which is a surprise as you’d think the colours and products stocked at such a cheap price tag would be unwearable. Well, that’s not the case and I came away with 4 shades I will be able to wear throughout SS14. 
As soon as I saw the two on the right, Spring came to mind. They are a pair of pretty pastels – always popular in the season that’s now on it’s way! The lilac Maybelline polish caught my eye straight away, as I absoloutely love anything purple or lilac! I only own one other lilac polish though, and it’s not as pastel as this. The Sally Hansen Sugar Coat is a textured polish, which I thought would be fun to try out, and seeing as I don’t already own a yellow, I couldn’t leave it behind. 
Keeping with the idea of adding yellow to my vast nail polish collection, I also purchased a vibrant yellow Rimmel Polish which will compliment a tan in the summer! The midnight blue Sinful Colours polish is a complete contrast to the other three – it’s a dark shade, with shimmer. Because of this difference I thought it would be a good alternative, to the brights, for summer nights out, and parties!
Watch out for these on my nails in the coming months, I’m sure they’ll be a few Instagrams of them soon! 
Have you grabbed any beauty bargains in cheap shops like Poundland lately? 
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Nails inc. Orange and Pink!

Recently, as you may already know, more and more S/S13 collections are being released for us to get excited about. It seems though that 2013 is the year for Nails inc. polishes as they are bringing A LOT of new collections out for S/S13. These include collections such as: Concrete, Denim and Stars, Leather Effect, Crystaltastic, Bling It On, Feathers, SS13 Trend Shades, and an Extras collection. Yes.. when I said A LOT, I meant it! 
As I am yet to try these amazing new collections from Nails inc. I decided to re-try my only orange shade of nail polish which is also from Nails inc. After digging this out from my growing collection, and yet again being stunned by the brightness of the shade, I realised the new and very popular Models Own Ice collection was missing a great shade of orange and began to wonder where the common neon colour had gone within it. hmm… ??

Anyway, if I’m honest, I completely forgot I owned the nail polish below. Orange has never been one of my top choices when it comes to the choice of colour to wear (whether it’s clothing or nail polish), but as soon as I found this nail polish and put it on, I instantly loved the colour and I’m certain it will be one of my most worn throughout the summer. It’s a completely full on orange shade and I love it!

On the bottle it says “by Fabulous”. This is because it is one of those free gifts you send off for after buying a magazine for however many times, and so with this shade ‘Atomic’, I also received another which is ‘OMP!’.  Both these shades are so bright and really give that ‘summer beach’ feel! 

As it states on each bottle it’s by Fabulous so I expect these shades were exclusives and are therefore no longer available. After looking on the Nails inc. website – I was unable to find these specific shades although the Porchester Place looks like an exact replica of Atomic and the Shoreditch shade for OMP!

What Nail Polishes are you loving at the moment? Have you chosen your shades for S/S13?